Making Safety a Priority

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Yellow safety first road sign with rivets on a white background

Yellow safety first road sign with rivets on a white background

Starting June 1, companies are encouraged to review safety measures for their employees as part of National Safety Month. Gone are the days when businesses felt they had to choose between keeping workers safe and making a profit.

Just a few employee injuries could be devastating to your company. The good news is that increasing safety in the workplace doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are “7 Easy Ways You Can Increase Safety on a Budget.

Hire Smarter
Hiring managers should only place candidates on assignments that match the candidate’s skills and experience. You may be in a hurry to fill positions, but hiring incompetent workers increases the risk of injury.

Even though a candidate’s skills and experience may be perfect for a position, it’s important to train them for the specific assignment. Share any tips or tricks of the trade to make the job safer.

Demand Safe Work Practices

Set a precedent of safe workplace practices from day one. Post appropriate safety materials in highly visible areas, such as a break room, and hold regular safety meetings. Also, practice what you preach. If you choose productivity over safety the first time, you may end up sending mixed messages to your employees.

Provide the Right Tools and Equipment
It doesn’t pay to skimp on tools and equipment for your employees. The few extra dollars in your account from buying discount equipment will not cover the medical costs for an injured employee. Take the time to invest in quality products up front.

Demonstrate That You Value a Job Done Safely
Create a program that rewards employees for jobs done safely or for suggestions on how to improve workplace safety. However, be wary about providing incentives for zero injuries, because you don’t want to encourage zero reporting.

Look for Ways to Get the Jobs Done More Safely
There is always room for improvement, even in workplace safety. Hold a brainstorming session once a quarter to keep safety top of mind and to highlight any safety concerns.

Remember There are a Lot of Right Answers
No job exists without safety risks, but there are always ways to make it safer. Workplace safety can be accomplished in many different ways, so don’t be afraid to bring new ideas to the table.

Safety with Express
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