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Not all Express Employment Professionals Franchisees start completely from scratch. Some find the opportunity to begin their journey with Express through a resale opportunity, which is how Sterling Jasper found his opportunity with the resale of the White Plains, NY, territory.

No matter how a Franchisee begins, there is something that drives each of them down this path.

“I believe entrepreneurs choose the franchising route because of the proven systems that save you time and money,” Jasper said. “I personally was looking for an opportunity like Express that would provide me the best chance for success with a proven system.”

With a doctorate in adult leadership development, Jasper is no stranger to research and began his journey by researching Express.

“I couldn’t find an overwhelming amount of third-party information about Express but what I did find was only positive,” Jasper said. “It wasn’t until I did more digging and was able to get feedback from people who had walked the ‘Express way’ that I gained a better understanding of the company.”

His research didn’t stop there, as he soon found himself at the International Headquarters of Express in Oklahoma City attending Discovery Day.

“By the time I left there, I felt really confident and comfortable with the decision to go with Express,” Jasper said. “Bill Thompson, senior franchise executive, really sold me and made the difference. He kept it very real and was able to connect all of the dots for me.”

Through Discovery Day and speaking with members of the Express Franchisee family, Jasper got the sense that he could indeed do this and he wouldn’t be on an island all by himself. And since day one, he has not felt alone during his Express journey.

“You get calls from people like Norm Doty, Express Franchisee of 10 locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and they will help you,” Jasper said. “These guys will give you anything.”

And Jasper has learned just how successful the system is.

“I was fortunate enough to attend the (Express annual) International Leadership Conference and it was an explosive experience,” Jasper said. “I was able to see and meet people from all over that proved how the Express system was reproducible. I left believing this is truly do-able. It was amazing to be in the same room as all of that success.”

As an owner of a resale, Jasper admits his initial goals might be slightly different from other Franchisees. For him, it was to maintain the numbers the previous owner accomplished. Having now implemented the Express system, Jasper is not only meeting those numbers but exceeding them.

Jasper attributes some of his success to the support he has received from the Franchise Systems Support Center as they were quick to answer his questions and if they couldn’t, got him in contact with someone who could answer the question.

“They’ve helped me make adjustments and provided support in so many ways.”

Along with the support, Jasper is quick to acknowledge the fact that this business is about people and that’s played a significant role in his success.

“It is a people business and it is all about the people,” Jasper said. “Jobs are emotional. I was indifferent before to firing but now I’m right there in line with the empathy. What I have is available because of all the people I’m putting to work each day.”

It isn’t just about what people are doing for him though.

“I get the chance to get up in the morning, take my key to open the door, and I know there is an opportunity for me to do something for others,” Jasper said.

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