The Adventure of Business Ownership


The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t something embodied by every man and woman. It’s only for the bold. And owning a business isn’t just about development of wealth and personal gain, it’s about the construction of a legacy that bears your name. This is what Marcus Gray and his wife Dee used as a foothold when reaching for their next professional goal—franchise ownership.

A pharmaceutical sales rep for 21-years, Marcus was ready for the next chapter of his career. Equipped with the sales-savvy know-how and a sharp business acumen, he knew what to look for in a business model built for success. He also knew that the only way to enter into the world of business ownership, without starting from scratch, was to buy into a franchise system with established results. And in today’s economic climate and pro-business administration, Marcus knew it was now or never.

Man Beginning Adventure

A man begins the greatest adventure of his life.

The Franchise Path

Why did Marcus want to buy a franchise? One of the most advantageous elements of owning a franchise is that owners are never in it alone. Established franchisors have diverse teams of trainers, marketing professionals, and sales coaches to help guide owners be profitable. Another benefit is that successful franchises often have a proven system, that if followed can produce consistent results. Also, an owner gets the benefit of an already established brand, and wise franchisors know that by providing its owners with the tools to maintain it, they can build strong brand ambassadors to ensure the foundation for future success. Lastly, opening a franchise provides entrepreneurs with the adventure of staking their claim without all the risk that typically comes with entering the business–ownership world.

Owning a franchise gave Marcus an opportunity to do great things and to make his mark on the world. But, that doesn’t mean that leaders are born. Leaders are made. Forged in their efforts to strive for success. All it takes to set out on the adventure is the desire to make your own mark. Are you up to the challenge?

A Path to Success

If you would rather have a shortcut to an award-winning franchise with an astonishing high rate-of-return, look no further. Express Employment Professionals has more than 150 open territories and is looking for keen sales minded individuals just like Marcus to take control of their careers and become business owners. But, here’s the kicker, Express is offering a $10k bonus to new franchise owners. This offer is for a limited time only, so anyone interested in a boost to their opportunity of a lifetime should act fast. If you or someone you know is looking to owning a business, check out Express.

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