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Most people within Express Employment Professionals know Jonathan Thom as the Vice President of Professional Staffing at Express Headquarters, but this spring he will take on a new role – owner of the Albuquerque, NM, Express office.

With 25 years in the staffing industry and nearly nine with Express, Thom is excited for his new adventure.

“At this stage of my career, I wanted to get back to putting people to work,” said Thom. “It is very fulfilling to do that, and I missed it.”

Changing the path of his career wasn’t Thom’s initial plan, but in 2017 he began a special project that changed things. This project had him spending three days a week in Southern California for six months to support a Franchisee.

“The special project was the catalyst to my career change,” said Thom. “Being closer to day-to-day aspects of the job reignited my passion. It was really cool to do everything – from working the front desk to calling candidates and clients. It made me think ‘I could do this.’”

Leaving the corporate office behind, Thom is confident he is leaving everything in a good spot. He spent his time as VP of Professional Staffing helping Franchisees and leadership to grow professional staffing and took it from less than $50 million to nearly a quarter billion dollars in sales annually.

“It is time to turn the reigns over to someone who can take professional staffing to the next level,” Thom said.

He has gained valuable insight at Express’ International Headquarters to use as a foundation for his own office.

“I’ve seen first-hand how effective the Express system is,” said Thom. “Being on the inside looking out, I understand how valuable the process is and how much support you receive. With my staffing experience, I’ve learned the only way I’d open my own firm is if I am an Express Franchisee.”

Thom is determined to be successful as a Franchisee and admits he wants people to look at him and say, “That’s how you do it.” In addition to taking advantage of the Express system, Thom plans to take advantage of his familiarity of Albuquerque and establish himself in the business community through involvement.

“I want to paint Albuquerque Express blue,” said Thom.

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