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Mohammad Nasir (Waterbury, CT – New)When Mohammad Nasir, who goes by Nasir, moved to the United States from Pakistan in 1993, he already had the mentality of needing to work hard to achieve his dreams rather than being handed them.

Growing up in Pakistan, Nasir helped his father run the family business, but dreamed of owning his own. It was his father who taught him that he needed to work hard to accomplish great things.

Nasir has an extensive sales background that began in retail at The Wiz, an electronics chain where his hard work got him promoted to general manager before moving into the financial services industry. While in this industry, Nasir served as a financial services representative and agency sales director.

Although extremely successful in his career, Nasir knew there was more he wanted to accomplish.

“I was looking for a profession that fit my passion of helping others,” said Nasir. “I wanted something that was fulfilling and gave me a sense of satisfaction. Basically, I was looking for a profession with a purpose.”

Knowing what he was looking for and keeping his dream of entrepreneurship in mind, Nasir took to Google and began to search for opportunities when he discovered Express Employment Professionals.

“I found Express to be one of the best,” Nasir said. “They had the best ratings and best reviews, so I emailed Brook Wise (Senior Franchising Executive).”

Soon, Nasir found himself in Oklahoma City at the Express International Headquarters for Discovery Day. By the end of Discovery Day, Nasir was hoping Express felt the same way about him as he did about the company. And then, much to Nasir’s delight, he was awarded the Waterbury, CT, Express office.

“It [Discovery Day] was one of the best experiences I’ve had,” Nasir said. “That day, I realized the dream of my life came true. Discovery Day helped me find the real purpose of what I was looking for. This [Express] is what I was waiting for.”

Being awarded an Express office is just the start of the journey for Nasir. Soon, he will secure his office location and hire staff, and before he knows it, the doors to his office will be open. When thinking of the future, Nasir is adamant he doesn’t want to make things overly complicated.

“My first goal is to get in front of people to promote my business,” he said. “I’m going to follow the Express system. I know if I need help, I just need to ask and they’ll [Express] help me. They really practice what they preach.”

Nasir firmly believes his background in sales will be extremely beneficial.

“I’ve been recruiting the past 15 years,” Nasir said. “I can be social, and I’m a people person. I just have to put value on the table for them [prospective clients and associates]. I won’t be selling a career though. Rather, I’ll be presenting a career.”

Each day on the job, Nasir will remember another piece of his father’s advice – do well by doing well to others. When he completes each day, Nasir will consider it a productive one if he has impacted someone’s life for the positive.

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