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Rarely do you go into a staffing company to interview for a job and leave considering owning your own office, but that’s exactly what happened to KV (Karan) Aulakh.

Searching for a job, Aulakh went into the Edmonton, ON, location to interview for a job with a client. When that opportunity fell through, he returned to interview for an outsides sales position with the office. By the end of the interview, the discussion had turned to franchising options with Express Employment Professionals based on Aulakh’s experience in the staffing industry.

If that wasn’t a sign Aulakh should become an Express Franchisee, the fact that one of the two available resale opportunities was in his hometown might have been.

Aulakh took this as a sign to focus on his goal of owning his own business by the time he was 30 and believed the way to go was choosing an established franchise location. So, he made contact with Express.

Aulakh soon found himself in Oklahoma City at Express’ International Headquarters attending Discovery Day.

“The experience was great,” Aulakh said. “It reiterated how strong the support system is and meeting the owners was great. That meeting wasn’t just something to impress us, it meant something to them and us. I was impressed by how genuine everyone I interacted with was.”

With all of the signs pointing to becoming an Express Franchisee, it wasn’t a done deal yet until the end of the Discovery Day experience for Aulakh.

“Seeing the numbers and how everything is connected really helped to seal the deal for me,” he said. “I was able to see and learn how HQ stays on top of everything and plays a key role in challenges such as payroll and IT. Ultimately, everything just clicked and lined up for me.”

Even before knowing he’d become an Express Franchisee, Aulakh and his family had already decided to move back to his hometown of Barrie, ON, from Edmonton, ON. Receiving the award of the Barrie, ON, office left Aulakh believing his move had purpose and was finally complete.

As Aulakh dove into ownership, he continued to learn more about the Express system, which helped justify he made the right decision.

“Without the support of the team at Headquarters, I learned I really wouldn’t be able to focus on growing my business and tending to clients,” Aulakh said. “The things that take time and money and could easily be a fulltime job such as payroll, Headquarters is there to handle and provide support which provides my office a lot of value.”  

All Express Franchisees have goals as owners and Aulakh is no different.

“I want to help people and put them in a better situation than they were in when they walked into my office,” he said. “I also want to be successful enough to where others in the Express family recognize my name at events and someday be able to open another location.”

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