Interview: Arthur McColl, CEO of Express Employment Professionals Australia and New Zealand

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Employers the world over have struggled to retain talent as the pandemic has brought about a shift in consciousness, but employment professionals have seen all kinds of shifts in thinking and are well-placed to advise companies on how to negotiate this issue.

The Great Resignation has affected virtually every industry and region in the world in one way or another, and it’s exposed some real gaps in company culture and the way in which employees are treated and remunerated. More businesses are turning to staffing solution providers to reduce their employee turnover rate.

Express Employment Professionals is an international leader in the world of staffing and recruitment, and has recently opened its Australia and New Zealand location with the acquisition of the Frontline Recruitment Group. The brand has had a strong year, signing 61 new franchise agreements and systemwide annual sales topping out $3.23bn. 

We spoke with the CEO of Express Employment Professionals Australia and New Zealand, Arthur McColl, for an insight into what exactly companies are doing wrong, and what others are doing right in terms of attracting and retaining talent, as well as how long The Great Resignation will continue for.

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