When All Signs Point to Express

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Tarissa and David Gwilliam had been talking about owning an Express Employment Professionals location for several years. Everywhere they looked, Express was there. Not only was their neighbor, Doug Anthony, an Express Franchisee, but David had worked closely with Express at a previous job.

In fact, just over a year ago they learned about an opportunity near their home, but ultimately weren’t awarded the location. Although initially denied the opportunity, Express stayed in the back of their minds. One day as David drove to work, he surprised Tarissa with a call and asked what she thought about going after Express again. Without hesitation, Tarissa thought it was a great idea.

“I had a hunch it would all fall into place this time because our motives were pure,” said David.

“It just seemed to fall into our laps this second-go-round,” said Tarissa. “And then we learned the Clearfield, UT, location was still available for resale.”

Soon, the Gwilliams found themselves at Discovery Day in Oklahoma City.

“I was so nervous but David was in his zone,” said Tarissa. “We learned so much about Express but especially how they have the same values we do. When you share values, it just pulls you in where you want to be part of it.”

“By the end of the day, I was ready to know if we got it,” said David. “When we sat down with the executive leadership, I directly asked for the results and they wouldn’t say but we left with a positive impression. Then as we rode to the airport, Bill Thompson (Senior Franchisee Executive) let us know we had been awarded the Clearfield location.”

With an official award, Tarissa started packing her bags to return to Oklahoma City for an extensive two-week training program with other new Franchisees.

“Training was great,” said Tarissa. “You learned everyone is in this together and everyone not only cares about you but they are rooting for you to succeed. The Express system has already been used. Bob (Funk) and Bill (Stoller) know what they are doing, and if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be part of the system.”

To begin, Tarissa will be running the office and David will join the office fulltime shortly down the road. Together, with endless ambition, they established their goals to exceed expectations and ultimately reach Circle of Excellence, an honor for Express Franchisees who reach goals based on performance, participation, compliance criteria, and gross margin dollar amount.  

Behind everything they do though, will be the vision statement they created for their office:

Changing the lives of associates and clients one day at a time through integrity, honesty, and love.



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