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There comes a time when someone’s career no longer fits their lives. Christian Lundsberg recently experienced this when he decided he was tired of flying from coast to coast for work and missing out on time with his family.

With his mind made up that it was time for a career change, he narrowed in on the thought of franchising.

“Express Employment Professionals had the best reputation,” said Lundsberg. “They also had the most compelling business case. And with two resale options in the Dallas metro, everything was just lining up.”

Before attending Discovery Day at Express International Headquarters, Lundsberg spent three months shadowing the owner of the location he made an offer on.

“It really helped because I know I’m able to take what I learned from him and apply it all to the Express system I learned in training,” said Lundsberg.

At Discovery Day, Lundsberg’s offer was officially accepted and he was awarded the Dallas (Midtown), TX, Express location.

“Discovery Day convinced me I had made the right decision,” said Lundsberg. “The way the Express system is set up, it makes for a great safety net for someone like myself who hasn’t ever owned their own business.”

When Lundsberg was on the road in his previous career, he would spend his time consulting and helping companies improve workforce issues and other business practices.

“Those big companies have the same workforce issues as small companies,” said Lundsberg. “My past experience helps me empathize with and understand what they are looking for.”

Lundsberg ultimately made his career transition in order to spend more time with his family and believes it already is enabling him to have a true work-life balance.

“I have a 34 mile commute each way right now and I love it,” said Lundsberg. “It isn’t a quick commute but at least I’m home now. I’ll never take it for granted.”

The positive outcome on his personal life is also showing in the office as he strives to add more value to the Dallas community.

“Associates like us already because we are helping them find work,” said Lundsberg. “And our clients like us because we are finding them workers. It is a win-win!”

Finding the work-life balance he was seeking leaves Lundsberg with no regrets.

“Even if I won the lottery, I would still want to go to work,” said Lundsberg. “I just really like helping people and I enjoy what this job entails. Plus, I get to be home with my kids to watch them grow.”

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