Taking a Risk with Confidence

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Entrepreneur Andrew Hoskins will soon open the doors to his first venture into business ownership as an Express Employment Professionals franchise in Lancaster, CA.

Since college, it has been Hoskins’ goal to own a business but he had to wait and save the money. While keeping his dream alive, Hoskins worked as a law enforcement officer in Bakersfield, CA, and Ventura City, CA. His law enforcement experience came after working in medical marketing for several years. Hoskins began exploring business opportunities in early 2017 and decided it was wise to go the franchising route.

“The success rate with a franchise is much higher than going out on your own,” said Hoskins. “This is a risk, and I have to risk everything,” Hoskins said with confidence when asked about owning a business for the first time.

So how did Hoskins calm his nerves about taking this risk?

He and his wife, Sharon Bowers, attended the 2017 Express International Leadership Conference in San Francisco, CA, where they were able to speak with Franchisees and learn more about what makes Express so successful. Ultimately, Hoskins and Bowers chose Express because “people will always need jobs” and “what they (Express) do works and they support you.”

“With all of the advice I was given, I know I won’t be alone opening the doors,” said Hoskins. “Other owners have had highs and lows, but they’ve made it. It has raised my confidence.”

Although the doors aren’t open yet, Hoskins and Bowers have already laid out their goals for the upcoming year. They want to create a lot of jobs in their community as staffing is not prominent in Lancaster, and have a successful first year to build and grow off of. Hoskins believes his earlier careers will help him on this new adventure from marketing a different product to the experience of talking and communicating with people of various backgrounds.

While Hoskins runs the office, Bowers will serve as a silent partner and help with financial aspects of running a business.

Join Express

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