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Express Franchise Owners are assigned an exclusive territory and positively impact the local economy by matching qualified employees with good jobs.
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Express is a low-cost franchise opportunity, thanks in part to the small footprint and low overhead to open and run your office. This means that your new employment franchise business can be located just about anywhere. From an office park to a stand-alone building, we’ll work with you to find a space that meets your needs.
The best thing Express does is they help find good jobs for good people by working with good companies."
Bogdan Damjanovic
Franchise Owner
Bogdan Damjanovic
Bogdan Damjanovic

Get $20K back

with Fast Track

As a new Express staffing Franchise Owner, you can earn back up to 100% of your franchise fee* by successfully completing our Fast Track program. Get $20K back when you earn the Fast Track award by billing 16 clients in one week OR $60K gross margin during your first 26 weeks of business. Do both and you’ll hit Double Fast Track and can earn back the entire $40K franchise fee.

save 50%

Express offers veterans a 50% discount* on their franchise fee — a savings of $20K.