Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our interactive map to view available Express franchise locations. If you don’t see an available location, check out our resale locations to consider ownership of an established franchise.
The Express franchising model offers exclusive territories with protected boundaries. The typical territory offers substantial growth opportunities. The average mature Express franchise generates annual sales of over $5.9 million*. Without any corporate-owned locations, our support stays focused on our franchisees. To learn more about the Express ownership model complete this brief form, to gain access to our online discovery process.
That’s a great question! While franchisors are not allowed to share this information directly, you can discuss this subject with current owners during our education process. We can share that the average owner in Express generated more than $1,346,028 in first year of sales while the average office open greater than 60 months generated over $6.4million* in annual sales.
The ownership exploration process can take as little as a few weeks to a couple of months. After being awarded your Express franchise, you’ll begin the process of leasing office space and preparing to attend training. Training may be offered virtually depending upon local factors. Typically, Express franchise owners are open in just approximately four months.
Financing is available for qualified prospective franchisees. Gain access to more information by completing our short form or call us at (877)652-6400.
There are three components of the overall investment with most franchise systems. First, as detailed in Item 7 of the 2024 FDD, the initial franchise fee is $40,000. We are currently offering a Developing Market Incentive Program to prospective franchisees in new and certain developing markets. Under the incentive, we will waive the initial franchise fee for new and certain developing markets. There are no renewal fees, training fees or other hidden fees with Express. Second, Owners will need an additional estimated $40,000 to $80,000 for startup costs (including but not limited to rent, furniture, office equipment and computers). Lastly, owners will need additional working capital to support on-going expenses, such as payroll and utilities, insurance, lease, licenses, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses. New businesses often generate a negative cashflow. We estimate the working capital needed to be approximately $60,000 – $100,000. This puts the total initial investment needed at $132,000 to $213,000 for a traditional office. Beyond this, we also suggest that owners have one year of living expenses covered by spousal income, savings or other means.
Express appreciates the service of our veterans, and we offer 50% off our franchise fee.
As with all seasons in business, Express does have existing franchises available for resale. Explore ownership of one of our existing Express franchises.
Express does have a program for staffing owners to convert their business to an Express franchise. Complete this form to see if this is an option in your location.
If you have staffing experience, we have unique ownership programs to build on your success. Contact us here.

Get $20K back

with Fast Track

As a new Express staffing Franchise Owner, you can earn back up to 100% of your franchise fee* by successfully completing our Fast Track program. Get $20K back when you earn the Fast Track award by billing 16 clients in one week OR $60K gross margin during your first 26 weeks of business. Do both and you’ll hit Double Fast Track and can earn back the entire $40K franchise fee.

save 50%

Express offers veterans a 50% discount* on their franchise fee — a savings of $20K.