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Chris Ashcraft

Express’ very own Franchise Owner Chris Ashcraft was recently featured in an interview with

In the piece, Chris — who owns three Express franchises — discusses what lead him to invest in Express, the advantages of operating in the service industry, and why Express was such a perfect fit for him and his family.

A Brand with Unrivaled Expertise

When he first began searching for franchise opportunities, Chris knew that he wanted to join a brand that had a strong legacy. In addition, Chris had experience as the owner of a wine distribution company that sold wine to grocery stores and restaurants. After dealing with the high cost of goods with his business, he desired a franchise opportunity in the service industry where that wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

“When my wife Angela and I started to look at different franchise concepts, we knew we wanted our next venture to have a proven track record of success and to be something that everyone needed,” Chris said. “With nearly 40 years of helping put individuals into the workforce and assisting businesses in obtaining strong talent, Express stood out as a concept in the service space that is the authority in the inspirational work they do.”

Providing a Service That People Need

When asked about the main advantages of choosing a service brand, Chris once again spoke to the importance of operating in an industry where your offerings are needed.

“Whether you’re cleaning homes or pools, installing HVAC, or offering landscaping or plumbing services, these are things that most people need. For us, especially over the past 16 or so months, the need for staffing experts like Express has grown tremendously,” said Chris on the importance of Express in helping communities thrive. “We play an integral role in helping job seekers find employment and helping local businesses find good people.”

These days, Express franchises are uniquely positioned to help get people back to work. “As we all know, there’s a massive labor shortage that has emerged from the pandemic, and our expertise is needed in helping to get people off the sidelines and back into the workforce,” said Chris.

The Perfect Fit

Despite some initial hesitation on joining a staffing franchise—an industry he didn’t have experience in—Chris says that Express has been a perfect fit. Chris credits the Express company values for helping to provide meaning to his work.

“The company’s core beliefs and code of ethics aligned with our own, and we loved that the brand was built on strong moral values,” said Chris. “Helping people find good jobs and helping clients find good people is rewarding and motivates us to be the reliable resource in the community.”

But another important component of finding the right franchise was the work-life balance it provided. An Express franchise opportunity offers just that.

“Since becoming an Express Franchise Owner, I haven’t missed one of my kids’ sporting events or school plays. Our operating hours are within normal office hours, Monday through Friday, so I have nights and weekends, and I’m able to spend more time with my family. It’s had a tremendous positive impact on my life and my overall happiness,” Chris said.

You can read the full interview with Chris here!

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