Corporate Convert to Emerging Entrepreneur: Express Employment Professionals Franchise Reviews

Express employment professionals franchise reviews

When it comes to deciding which Franchise brand to invest in, it’s important to do more than just look at financials. Talking to current Franchise Owners is the best way to learn what the company you’re considering is really like.

Keep reading to hear from three different Express Employment Franchise Owners on why they chose to invest.


“Express has indirectly been in my life for 13+ years before I purchased my Franchise,” says Vince Winters. Thanks to his wife, an Express Franchise Owner for 21+ years, he got an inside look at the business.

Plus, a friendship with Express’ CEO, Bill Stoller, helped give him insight into the larger Franchise system. “I admired how he ran his company which also made me comfortable with my decision to become a Franchise Owner,” says Vince.

After retiring from the apparel industry after 25+ years, Vince was ready for a new venture to put his sales experience to good use. Around that time, he saw an Express Employment Professionals franchise for sale in Union City, New Jersey. “I met the owner and she agreed to sell me her franchise and I’ve been with Express ever since,” says Vince.

Surrounded by transit and right across the river from Manhattan, the Union City office is primed to grow. “As an owner, my goal is to eventually open a satellite office in Manhattan to take on more corporate staffing opportunities,” he says. Though he initially went after light industrial staffing, Vince has pivoted after learning more about his market.

“I will continue to train my team to take on more leadership roles,” he says, “so I can focus on the relationships I have with CEOs with large companies in NYC as I strive to take my business to the highest level possible.”


Neil McMillian opened his first Express Employment Professionals Franchise just a year before the 2008 recession. Despite the challenges, he’s glad he made the leap, saying “If I didn’t follow the Express systems I wouldn’t be where I am.”

Up until franchising with Express, Neil spent most of his career in sales. It was by recommending the Franchise opportunity to many of his clients that he learned about the brand. After hearing consistent, positive feedback, he wanted to learn more for himself.

17 years later, he owns two locations in southern California. One of the best things about Express, he says, is the flexibility of your earning potential.

“The opportunity is as big or as small as you want to make it,” he says.

For Neil, his sights are high. His 10-year plan includes $100M in sales, $20M in gross margin and being the #1 Express Franchise Owner in the system.


After graduating college, Brian was recruited to be part of the inaugural Express Emerging Entrepreneur Program. This professional development program is designed to hone a candidate’s leadership skills and provide a path to future business ownership while they work as a salaried employee at the Express international headquarters in Oklahoma City.

At just 23 years old, Brian showed proficiency in sales, generating a record-breaking 17 clients billed in 16 weeks. “The program was perfect for me,” he says, “because I had the opportunity to learn from existing business owners and learn their thought processes and decision making.”

From there, Brian went on to open his own office in Greensboro, North Carolina. “I have really enjoyed my journey this far,” he says, “The support I have received from the HQ team has made the process feel almost seamless. I have had a different experience than most Franchisees because I had the Express training to help combat my lack of business experience.”

Brian chose to become an Express owner because he believes that financial security is one of the biggest problems facing the U.S. Having experienced the effects of financial instability first-hand, Brian is passionate about building a long-term solution to provide for himself and his family.

But beyond personal financial gain, Brian is driven to help others in their journey to financial security as well. “I am ready to unlock doors that might otherwise remain closed for some individuals,” he says.


Are you ready to join Vince, Neil and Brian? Here are the next steps to connecting with us about potential Franchise opportunities.

  • Fill out the form below. We’ll send you a virtual learning brochure with information about costs, available markets and financial performance
  • Talk with us. Set up your introductory call to speak with a Franchise Development Director to find out if we’re a good fit. 
  • Review the Franchise Disclosure Document. Get all the financial and performance information you need.
  • Talk with current Express Employment Franchise Owners. Learn about their day-to-day operations, what support they receive and other valuable insights.
  • Attend a Discovery Day. Learn more and build connections at the Express International Headquarters in Oklahoma City.
  • Sign your Franchise Agreement! This will finalize your partnership with Express and officially make you part of the Express family.

Want to know more before moving forward? That’s okay too! Check out our no-cost, no-commitment resource library or read more Express Employment Franchise reviews.

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