Finding the right fit: Employment staffing franchises can ease the job search

Job hunting can be a stressful and emotionally draining experience. Every candidate wants to find a position that utilizes their unique skill set and pays a livable wage. Many job seekers turn to an employment staffing franchise to help them navigate the ups and downs of searching for work.

A staffing franchise uses a combination of methods to find and recruit candidates, including traditional job postings, referrals, online databases and social media. They also work with local businesses that are hiring, taking open positions and matching them against their candidate pool to find the best fit for both employer and employee.

Express Employment Professionals is a top staffing franchise with offices around the globe. In addition to filling temporary, contract and permanent positions, they also offer career counseling and development programs in key skill areas such as resume writing and interviewing. All of this is part of the Express mission to help people find meaningful work. Keep reading to learn how Express Franchise Owner Mike Heffner and his team fulfilled that mission by finding candidate Sherrell Russel a perfect job match.

Why Mike chose to franchise with Express

Mike Heffner has been an Express Franchise Owner for 19 years, opening his first location in July 2005. Today he owns offices in Indianapolis South and Columbus, Indiana. Mike first learned about Express franchising through a franchise broker, which is a service that connects clients to opportunities that align with their goals and values. “They presented me with five different options, and I vetted them all. I decided on Express since it was a good match with my background and what I wanted to do.”

Mike wanted to own his own business and had experience in sales and business development. He was drawn to the idea of franchising because of the framework and support systems that are already in place. “Express has a recognizable global brand that we can use to our advantage, and I get to make it personal at the local level,” Mike says. He also found the mission of Express attractive. “I love Express’ mission to help people; that’s the bottom line.”  

Why Sherrell chose Express for her job search

Sherrell learned about Express Employment Professionals when she was searching for employment on Indeed. “I came across a position that I was interested in and applied,” says Sherrell. Before seeking work from Express, Sherrell worked at a restaurant. “Foodservice had been my primary experience for most of my life. I wanted something different.”

She appreciated the effort Express made to find her a job that would work for her. “I felt this was one of the only employment services that genuinely work toward finding employment for people that is sustainable,” she says.

The Express system is designed for success

Job seekers that come to Express get the opportunity to meet with a recruiter to review their skills and experience and discuss career goals. “During our interview process, we talk to associates about their skill set, work preferences, what they like to do, what they don’t like to and so on,” says Mike. The Express office also follows a similar process with the hiring business, talking through what they are looking for in an employee. “Getting all the information and understanding the needs and wants of the customer makes it very easy to find a match,” Mike says. “The process is the same across the board: understand people and what they are looking for.”

This detailed vetting process made an impression on Sherrell. “The fact that Express listened to what I wanted from an employer and worked to get me into a position suitable for me was the best part,” she says. “I was coming back to the workforce after dealing with a horrific ordeal. Kimberly (at Express) was very compassionate about my situation and was a great help in facilitating the process between my employer and my circumstance.” 

How can I partner with Express to find my next job?

The best way to explore available job opportunities is to connect with your local Express office. Job seekers can submit their resume online or schedule an appointment to meet with a recruiter.

“Express is a one-of-a-kind employment service,” says Sherrell. “I appreciate the hard work and dedication the Express team gave to me. They were not trying to force me into any position but instead, help me find gainful employment with a salary to provide a livable wage. That speaks volumes to me. I will and have recommended Express to many people.”

Express requires candidates to be authorized to work in the country where they are seeking employment and meet the education and/or experience requirements of the role they desire. This varies greatly depending on the position, ranging from a high school diploma or equivalent to specific degrees or certifications. Background checks or drug screenings may also be required by the hiring company.

What does it take to own an Express staffing franchise?

Helping people like Sherrell find meaningful work is the best part of ownership for many Express franchisees. “This is the reason we do what we do,” says Mike. “When you think about the position we’re in to change people’s lives and connect companies and employees, it makes it that much more rewarding.”

Express is a top staffing franchise that’s consistently ranked among the best by industry experts. No employment staffing experience is needed to become a Franchise Owner, but high-energy people that are ready to do hands-on work to grow their business tend to thrive in this industry. Financially, you should have a net worth of at least $250K and have access to $190K to $250K in liquid capital.

 “We are in the business of helping people succeed, and when we are serving our associates and clients, it makes it feel a lot less like work and a lot more gratifying,” says Mike. If you’re ready to make an impact in your community and enjoy the flexibility that comes with business ownership, fill out the form below. A Franchise Development Director will contact you to discuss next steps.

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