Emerging Entrepreneur Program fulfills Express ownership dream

Brian Garvey first learned about the staffing franchise, Express Employment Professionals, when he was 12 years old. “My best friend at the time told me his parents ‘help people find jobs,’” says Brian. “I remember driving around with his dad in the community where we grew up and thinking how cool it was when he would point out various businesses he worked with. He would pass a laundry company, manufacturer, random insurance offices, etc. and even though I did not fully understand, I looked up to him.”

Years later, Brian learned that his friend’s family had purchased a foreclosed home in order to have the funding needed to cover the Express franchise cost and start their business. “Growing up alongside them while they grew their business was a testament to where hard work can lead,” Brian says. He also remembers that his friend’s parents were able to attend all their sporting events and activities because of the schedule flexibility they had as Express owners.

Many people like Brian are interested in business ownership but may not be ready to give up the security of a steady paycheck while they grow their business skills. In response to this need, Express created the Emerging Entrepreneur Program as way to help someone develop business acumen while still earning a full-time income.

Training future business leaders and owners

The Emerging Entrepreneur Program is an 18-month professional development plan that prepares people for business leadership or ownership roles. Those that are accepted into the program work for Express, and are placed in a locally-owned office as a full-time, salaried employee. They develop the skills needed to become effective leaders through one-on-one mentorship, on-the-job experience and professional development courses.

Brian learned about the program when he was contacted by his friend’s father, the same person that had pointed out  the businesses he worked with during drives all those years ago. “I had been out of college for about a year and a half and was working as a management trainee. I was a high performer but knew that company was not going to be a fit for me,” Brian says. When he heard about the Emerging Entrepreneur Program, he “jumped at the opportunity full speed.”

A different path to franchise ownership

The Emerging Entrepreneur Program offers an alternative to the traditional route to becoming a Franchise Owner. “The program appealed to me because it checked all the boxes I wanted in a career,” says Brian. “I knew that I wanted to be my own boss but also knew I was not ready to take that leap.” Brian was impressed by the depth of the program, which included paid training by top Franchise Owners, financial responsibility know-how from the vice president of financial analysis and sales training by former Top 50 sales reps. “It seemed almost too good to be true,” says Brian. “I knew God was leading me down a path.”

Prepared to be a successful owner

In January 2023, Brian realized his dream of owning an Express staffing franchise office with a location in Greensboro, North Carolina. He credits the Emerging Entrepreneur Program with giving him the blueprint he needed for ownership success. “I believe the program was designed for people like me,” says Brian. “I had the work ethic and hunger to be successful, but I needed guidance to achieve the goals I had set for myself.” He found the support he needed through mentorship offered by other Express Franchise Owners, who coached him through financial aspects of ownership. “When it became time to become an owner, I felt prepared,” Brian says.

Advice to those considering the Emerging Entrepreneur Program

Brian’s challenge to anyone interested in this program is to find your “why” when it comes to choosing the staffing industry. “Financial incentives will only get you so far in the whirlwind of becoming a Franchisee,” Brian says. “The biggest transition I made throughout my time in the program was the shift in what motivated me. I became passionate about wanting to provide my internal employees with above-market pay rates and become a boss that understood when life took priority over work.”

Ways to become part of the Express franchise family

If you have a growth mindset and are ready to build a successful career with a top staffing franchise, the Express Emerging Entrepreneur Program could be a good fit for you. Visit the Express website to learn more about this amazing opportunity.

Interested in a more traditional path to ownership? Explore what it takes to become an Express Franchise Owner. Financially, you should have a minimum net worth of $250K and liquid capital of $190K to $250K. No previous staffing experience is necessary, but people who are outgoing, natural leaders tend to thrive as Express Franchise Owners. Fill out the form below to connect with an Express Franchise Development Director and start your ownership journey today.

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