First-Generation Immigrant and Military Vet Becomes Successful Staffing Franchise Owner 

Successful Franchise Owner spotlight

Franchising provides countless opportunities for those seeking ownership of their career path. And it’s not every day that a franchisee learns the business he owns is in an industry that helped his mother find her first job in the United States many years ago. Read more in this blog about how a California military veteran from the Philippines honed his passion in the Navy and used those skills to become a successful staffing franchise owner with Express Employment Professionals, the top franchise in the U.S. and worldwide. 

Franchise Owners: Jon Noceda 
Territory: San Diego (East) and Chula Vista, California – 2 locations 
Years with Express: 7 years – Chula Vista or San Diego (South) then San Diego (East) 

What was your career prior to joining Express Employment Professionals? What industry/role were you in before owning an Express office?

  • Jon: Prior to joining Express Employment Professionals as a franchisee, I was in the Navy for 22 years and wore many hats. During my last 3 years in the military, I was a recruiter for medical professionals and recruited for every position from doctors and dentists to medical students. My plans quickly shifted after leaving the military and I immediately attended Discovery Day to learn more about the Express Employment Professionals franchise opportunities. And now, look where we are today!  

What attracted you to the franchise business model and Express Employment Professionals, specifically? And now that you are an Express Employment Professionals franchisee, what do you like about being part of that franchise business model?

  • Jon: Initially, I was most attracted to the recruiting and staffing aspect of Express’s franchise business model because there was so much crossover to what I was doing in the military. I really love helping people get connected to new jobs and the multitude of opportunities that are out there to make sure it’s a good fit.  
  • Regarding Express in particular, it’s consistently rated the top franchise in the U.S. for a number of reasons, but one being that you already have a standard operating procedure in place when you become a franchise owner, just like in the military. Everything is already written down and created for you; you just have to follow the process. At the end of the day, the key to success is already there if you just follow the lead.  
  • Though it’s a big company, it never ceases to amaze me that it’s such a tight-knit community where the other owners treat one another like brothers and sisters. Anytime you need something, you can send out an email and get an answer in less than an hour. And even with the developers, there’s no question that goes left unanswered. It’s truly day and night when you compare Express’s franchise business model to other franchise business models, which is one of the many reasons why this is such a rewarding career path.   

What do you find the most rewarding about being a franchise owner with Express Employment Professionals? What do you enjoy about the business and how is the work meaningful?

  • Jon: First of all, we look at ourselves as social workers who want to be successful – something I continue to remind my staff of daily – which is why we excel at our jobs. Day in and day out, we are helping people find jobs while seamlessly making a difference in the community. 
  • Though helping my community brings meaning to my life every day that I work for Express, a memory that particularly stands out in my mind is when my family first moved to the U.S. from the Philippines a number of years ago. Come to find out – my mom found her first job through a staffing agency just like Express! It was such a special and full-circle moment because she had no idea what business I was in, nor did I know how she found work after we relocated. Now, we’re able to help immigrants and people who need jobs just like my mom did and I love being able to pay it forward, just like someone did for her! 

How is the future of the business looking and how is the local landscape changing?

  • Jon: I’m proud to say that this year has been our best year yet since we opened the Chula Vista office! We’ve surpassed our goals and the year isn’t even over yet, so we’re really excited to keep this momentum going into 2023.  
  • With that said, I think the future of the business is bright for us! Even as the local landscape changes, we remain vigilant because at the end of the day, people will always need jobs which means there will always be a need for our business. Not to mention, we’ve seen industrial buildings popping up like mushrooms in our communities.  Even with talks of the economic downturn, we continue to receive pages and pages of job orders from clients because they need people. I remain hopeful and confident that Express will be able to help fill those jobs. 

What do you think sets Express Employment Professionals apart from other staffing agencies?

  • Jon: Most of Express’ major competitors in the staffing industry are corporately owned so they’re considered “big players.” What sets us apart is that all Express offices are individually owned and operated. So, when we shake hands with clients, we are sharing our own personal contact information versus corporate contact information which can really take away from the overall jobseeking experience regardless of which side you’re on – employer or jobseeker. Plus, we get to be our own decision makers and have established an open-door policy with our clients which is what really differentiates Express from others and further solidifies it as a top franchise. 

What do you believe has been the key to your success as a franchise owner? 

  • Jon: I know I said this before but following the standard operating procedures truly is the key to success! And, never give up on any challenges that come your way. Resiliency is such an important quality to possess if you want to be a successful franchise owner of Express.  

What advice would you give someone else considering franchise ownership? And why do you think a staffing franchise is one of the best franchises to own?

  • Jon: If you’re interested, pursue it! There are so many reasons that I think Express Employment Professionals franchise is one of the best franchises to own but it’s unique in that we touch almost every industry there is to touch, so we ultimately get to see the whole economic landscape. Staffing agencies are essentially the first to see whether the economy is growing or slowing down, and that’s the beauty of it. Regardless of the economy’s status, people will always need jobs so in turn, there will always be a need for our role and Express gives us the ability to easily pivot as needed. 
  • It’s also really important to acknowledge that Express International listens to franchisees. If there’s something specific we need in the field, then that’s what they implement. There are a lot of businesses that you can’t say that about! 

Are there any emerging or existing employment trends that you find interesting and why? Tell us a bit more about how you see your Express location using this trend to its benefit, especially as it pertains to the market(s) in which your franchise(s) is/are located. 

  • Jon: Express is noticing that entrepreneurship is growing which creates a market for us as far as connecting with those companies and individuals to let them know that we are a resource – especially for those emerging entrepreneurs who will definitely need partners. If they’re looking for particular subject matter experts, it’s best they work with a staffing agency like Express because we have that talent in our pipeline, so not only can we help them build their brand but also their relationships with other clients.  

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*For territories open more than 24 months, average sales in 2021 were $6,119,487. First-year offices averaged $900,049 according to Item 19 in the Franchise Disclosure Document. $185.5B industry revenue projection provided by SIA.  

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