Express Employment Professionals Offers Franchise Owners Flexibility, Ownership, And Industry Expertise

Franchise owner Garry Norris

Garry Norris lived and worked all over the world for nearly two decades. He had a corporate job that took him to exotic places like Japan, Paris, and Brazil. But over time it had become a grind, and Norris didn’t like the demands of being asked to be in Japan at short notice or to create and give a presentation within 48 hours. With the help of a consulting company, he found Express Employment Professionals – and he’s never looked back. Today, he’s a successful Franchise Owner in Roanoke, Virginia, and one of the company’s biggest fans.

“If you’re tired of the VP calling and saying, ‘I need you to meet me in Japan in three days,’ then [Express] might be the business for you. You get the flexibility to have other people, who desire to do those things, do them for you,” he says.

Norris says one of the first things that drew him to the Express franchise opportunity was that it was a proven company that had been in business since the early ‘80s. He also liked the fact that by becoming an Express Franchise Owner, he would not only have the benefits of flexibility and small business ownership but the backing of a corporate team with more than four decades of experience that would give him an incredible competitive advantage.

The flexibility he is able to enjoy in his life with his family and the flexibility he is able to offer his staff are huge benefits. He says it’s a people business, and his staff members are the most important asset of the business.

“It’s a flexible business and that’s because it’s a people-focused business,” he says. “I always tell people if you focus on the people, the rest will come.”

That makes it perfect for owners who enjoy being out in the community making connections and helping local businesses with their staffing needs. Operators are community connectors following their passion to help others.

The company offers Franchise Owners a low cost of entry and potential for high return, making it a great investment opportunity. Existing Franchise Owners average more than $6M+ in annual sales, and first-year offices average $1M in average annual sales.*

Franchise Owners have access to corporate support from Day 1 of their ownership. Operators can expect ongoing training, marketing support, a 24/7 Support Center, and a wealth of leadership training programs and conferences to help them become successful franchisees.

Express Employment Professionals is a time-tested, recession-resilient business model. Based in Oklahoma City, with more than 830 offices across the US and Canada, the brand’s operators stay busy keeping people employed and supporting essential businesses within their communities. The average Express office places 600+ jobseekers a year.

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* For offices open more than sixty months, average sales in 2019 were $6,051,362. First-year offices averaged $1,027,786 according to item 19 in the Franchise Disclosure Document. Subject to change with annual reporting.

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