A Top Staffing Franchise Because Of Great Franchise Owners

Grand Rapids, MI Express Franchise Owner Janis Petrini is a perfect example of how our Franchise Owners make us a top staffing franchise. Janis has a reputation being able to adapt and thrive in rollercoaster business conditions, and the current pandemic is no exception.

Adapting To Success Through Virtual Innovation

In May of this year, she hosted the first fully virtual job fair for work-from-home professionals. It was so successful that it lasted four days rather than the originally scheduled one day. In June, her office hosted a curbside job fair where staffing industry recruiters shared info and gathered contact information from jobseekers who stayed in their cars. “Everybody knows how to do the curbside food pick-up now, so the idea is to take the concept and apply it to what we do,” said Janis in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

Leveraging Her Business Background

Janis first opened her Express franchise in 1996. She rapidly expanded her office team to 24 members with 4 talent divisions. Prior to owning an Express franchise, Janis traveled around the country in a management role for the restaurant business. Upon moving to Oklahoma City with her husband, Janis worked with Bob Funk and Cindy Fairchild at the Northwest Express Office Group. When a Michigan Express staffing franchise office became available, Janis took it since it was close to her home country of Canada. “The reason we were so attracted to Express was the people,” Janis said. “It’s an amazing training ground – you have to solve problems quickly and you do meaningful work.”

A Commitment That Won’t Quit

Helping her community drives her success and motivates her to adapt. “We have an amazing team and an amazing opportunity to help businesses in Grand Rapids,” Janis said, “I’m just as excited about Express as I was when I started over two decades ago.” She is unfazed by COVID-19 challenges to the staffing industry, and says now is the right time to start a job search. “If job seekers want to start a job right away at an essential business, we can help them,” she told the Grand Rapids Business Journal. “We continue to support West Michigan during these times by matching great people with great companies,” said Janis, “right now, there is more need than ever before.”

Giving Back To The Community

She’s passionate about her work, her team, and her community. “She is truly an entrepreneur in its purest form,” said Express CEO Bill Stoller when he named her 2019’s Franchisee of the Year.

Despite the economic uncertainties of 2020, Janis’ enthusiasm for her staffing franchise is strong.  “My purpose is helping people be successful – and that is exactly what Express is all about. I know I’m doing the right thing and in the right career,” Janis said.

And it’s not just a career, it’s a calling for her, too. “Part of my personality is being positive and people-driven. I love to be in a state of continuous improvement and helping others become their best selves,” Janis said.

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