Express Featured as One of Franchise Business Review’s 2021 List of Most Profitable Franchises

A good franchise opportunity should encompass several characteristics. Not only should Franchise Owners enjoy the business they are running and be passionate about the services or products they are offering, but the opportunity should also have a solid earning potential. After all, becoming an owner of a franchise is an investment, and it’s important to ensure you’ll have a good chance to earn your investment back and then some.

Express Multi-Unit Franchise Owners John Calabrese and his wife, Lori, know all about the top-tier earning potential that an Express franchise can have. Recently, John and Lori were featured in Franchise Business Review’s Most Profitable Franchises story as a part of the Q4 issue.

John and Lori’s feature wasn’t the only recognition Express received by Franchise Business Review. In addition, we were recently ranked in their list of the Top 50 Most Profitable Franchises of 2021, once again speaking to the earning potential of an Express Franchise.

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Becoming Profitable with Express

While a strong franchise model and brand are needed when it comes to income potential, John believes that most of the responsibility falls on the Franchise Owner and their ability to sell their products and services. With Express, making strong connections is a key part of being successful within the staffing industry.

“It’s all about relationship building and customer service in our business,” says John on the keys to thriving with Express. “The pandemic has been very challenging to deal with, as new hiring came to pretty much a complete stop in the middle of 2020. But things are looking up now, and we’re way over where we were last year.”

Today, John and Lori are roughly 60 percent higher in overall revenue than they were a year ago, which speaks to the strength of the Express franchise model, as well as the husband-and-wife duo’s strong ownership skills.

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