Video Transcripts

You’re the boss, but you’re not on your own.

“What makes Express different is you know that we are a franchise organization so we have the resources of a large international organization behind us, as well as being locally owned and operated. Very few of our competitors are locally owned and operated, other than the small mom and pops, which puts them at a bit of a disadvantage against us because we do have the resources of a 3.5 billion dollar company behind us. We have what I call the best of both worlds.”

– Neil McMillan, Franchise Owner

A mission to give back.

“For me, the best part of owning an Express franchisee and being an entrepreneur in this industry is the ability I’ve had and the opportunity I’ve had to develop others and grow leaders within organization. This business has changed my life, and I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned how to be a leader. I learned how to sell. I’ve learned how to inspire others. And we’ve just been able to help a lot of people along the way.”

– Jessica Culo, Franchise Owner

A uniquely resilient opportunity.

“Today we have almost 50 employees. We’ve grown every single year for 13 years. This is a business as long as you go out and do the sales, as long as you go out and look for your clients, you can continue to grow no matter what the conditions of the market are.”

– Neil McMillan, Franchise Owner

Rewards that are more than financial.

“The passion for us is, making a real difference in our community ’cause we know that we’re putting people to work and we’re changing people’s lives.”

– Ronnie & Susan Morris, Franchise Owners

Building a secure future for your family.

“It’s been a benefit to my family because this is a family business. I have my family working in our business, so I hope one day it’ll continue to be successful, one of my children will take over, and I can retire. (laughs)”

– Diana Ramirez, Franchise Owner

Why is staffing so important to you?

“So why is hiring so important to me? Why is the hiring business such a great business to me? Well, if you could see the look on the faces of some of the people that we help, it just makes you feel so good about what you’re doing for them. It really does. Why someone would want to own an Express Franchise? It really depends on the individual and what they’re looking for. If they are, in fact, seeking a small business that is a business to business, that helps people get second chances. I mean, that’s what this business is all about. It really is.”

– Garry Norris, Franchise Owner

“Because we followed the Express system, focused on our team’s safety, their mental health, our own safety, our own mental health. We began to rebuild once things started to come back. And we actually came out even stronger in 2020.”

“Prior to owning an Express franchise, I had worked in corporate America, and I had also received my MBA. One of the things that I always wanted to do is own my own business. When I became a franchise owner, it was the best of all worlds combined, for me. I was now a business owner, but I had the support of a large corporation. It has been the greatest gift.”

“The support we receive from Express headquarters is a must. We, as an office, probably call the franchise system support center five, to ten times a day. For questions either on little things or big things. And if they don’t have the answer, we are connected with legal, or human resources, or finance. And that’s just one piece. We receive a weekly newsletter with all of the most important updates that we have to know as owners and offices. We have live streams, currently during the pandemic.They’re full of knowledge, and full of new ideas or ways to try to get through to different clients or industries.”

“It was important to me to invest my money into a company that I know and love and that I believe in. When I purchased my franchise, I put everything that I have on the line in order to start my own business and be my own boss. Over the years, I’ve made many friends with all different kinds of people, franchise owners, sales people, staffing consultants, others in the business. Every single person that I’ve talked to that owned a franchise said virtually the same thing. ‘Buying an Express office will change your life.'”

“No matter what the circumstances are, whether it’s a recession or a pandemic, trust that Express has years of experience. They have seen it all. And they were there every step of the way for us. We could really feel that they had the franchise’s needs in mind, from providing weekly updates and putting us in touch with some of the decision makers when it came to laws or regulations regarding COVID. We really felt that we were ready to take this pandemic on headfirst.”

“Prior to owning the Express franchise, I was actually doing sales. I had done sales for pharmaceutical companies, as well as oil and gas companies… here I am today. I knew I could have success with the Express system because A) I believed in my sales ability and B) Express’s system was fairly simple to follow. It’s almost like a recipe book. If you know the ingredients and you know how much of each item you need, you’re gonna have a delicious dish.”