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Express Wins 16th Consecutive World-Class Franchise Ranking

Franchise Research Institute World-Class Franchise

What makes Express Employment Professionals a top franchise to own? According to the latest World-Class Franchise Rankings compiled by the industry-renowned Franchise Research Institute, it’s our stellar performance in the categories of overall quality, growth potential, training, support and communication. None of which would be possible without the help of our dedicated Franchise Owners, who have named us a World-Class Franchise every year since 2006. 

The Science Behind The Ranking  

People considering owning a franchise need to understand the risks and rewards before they invest in a brand. The Franchise Research Institute is an invaluable resource that helps current and prospective Franchise Owners conduct due diligence before they invest. Through surveys and other methods, they connect with franchisees to produce scientific, actionable data that helps franchise brands maintain, improve and helps Franchise Owners make strategic choices.

“Using confidential surveys to understand franchisee opinions is vital to building a successful franchise brand,” said Jeff Johnson, CEO and Founder of the Franchise Research Institute. With teams comprised of data scientists, researchers, business psychologists and former franchisees, the Franchise Research Institute determines World-Class Franchises annually, based on the following methodology:

  • A minimum of 70% of the franchisees must complete the Franchise Research Institute confidential survey.
  • The franchisor must receive a positive rating by two-thirds (66%) or more of their franchisees in seven specific categories, including: overall quality, commitment and perceptions.

We work hard to provide the best possible franchise experience for our Franchise Owners, and our efforts continue to pay off, with Franchise Owners scoring us:

  • 99% in Overall Quality
  • 98% in Initial Training
  • 97% in Opening Support
  • 99% in Ongoing Training and Support

How We Come Together To Build Success

We’re humbled and proud of these scores, but not completely surprised, since our Franchise Owners are happy to share their enthusiasm for Express. Kelly Gillespie, Express Franchise Owner, praises our corporate leadership’s hands-on attitude. “The support we receive from Express headquarters is a must. We probably call the franchise system support center five to ten times a day. And if they don’t have the answer, we are connected with legal, or human resources or finance,” she said. She notes that we innovated to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions as well. “We have live streams during the pandemic. They’re full of knowledge, new ideas or ways to try to get through to different clients or industries,” said Kelly.

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Rising To The Challenge As A Franchise Family

Other Express Franchise Owners agree with Kelly about our resilience and adaptability during the pandemic. When asked specifically about how their franchise brand responded to COVID-19 challenges, Express scored a 96% approval. “Because we followed the Express system, we were able to focus on our team’s safety and their mental health, as well as on our own,” said Express Franchise Owners Frank and Amanda Valencia. It was a strategy that worked even better than they could have imagined, saying that, “We began to rebuild once things started to come back, and we actually came out even stronger in 2020.”

What Makes Us The Top Franchise To Own

With more than 860 locations and growing, all of our offices our 100% franchised, meaning our team at Express Headquarters can focus completely on our goals of providing outstanding training, growth and support. That support gives Franchise Owners peace of mind when they join our family, knowing that they can be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Franchise Owner and champion of our proven business model, Garry Norris concurs, saying, “We follow the Express process. We do what they taught us. And I think that is why we are so successful.”

Why Helping Franchise Owners Helps Us

Express Franchise Owners bring their unique business talents, relationship-building skills and problem-solving expertise to help drive growth, and that’s why it’s so crucial that we give them what they need to succeed. From back office administrative support to ongoing leadership training and access to our knowledgeable Franchise Owner community, Express is all about helping our Franchise Owners achieve their dreams. And since the staffing industry is an in-demand business no matter what the market conditions are, we continue to adapt to the evolving needs of our Franchise Owners and the communities they serve. It’s what makes us a World-Class Franchise year after year, and what makes us a top franchise to own.

If you’re interested in owning a staffing franchise that believes our Franchise Owner satisfaction is a key metric of our success, fill out the form below to get started.

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