Staffing agency owners can find support and fuel growth with franchise conversion

Let’s face it: Owning an independent staffing agency is challenging. Managing day-to-day busywork like paperwork, marketing tactics and payroll can quickly become overwhelming. Many business owners find that spending time on these tasks takes the joy out of business ownership, in part because it leaves them with little time left to work on growing their business and building relationships. If you’re feeling this way, converting your staffing business to a franchise might be just what you need to enjoy running your business again.

What is a conversion franchise?

When the owner of an existing business decides to become part of a franchise system, it’s known as a conversion franchise. The business owner retains ownership of their business but is now part of a larger franchise network. This means they are able to leverage the franchisor’s support systems, training, branding and other invaluable resources to take their business to the next level.

What are the benefits of converting my business into a franchise?

By joining a franchise family and getting help with these day-to-day tasks, many business owners find that they have the bandwidth to enjoy the business ownership experience again. Converting your business to a franchise can also boost its growth as you benefit from brand recognition and support systems.

What is an Express staffing franchise?

Express Employment Professionals is considered the best staffing franchise opportunity. Express offices specialize in matching people in the communities that they serve with jobs that fit their skill set. With over 860 locations worldwide, Express has incredible global brand recognition. They also have over 40 years of industry experience that their Franchise Owners can leverage to help build a strong business.

What is the Team with Express program?

Team with Express is a program that’s designed to help staffing agency owners turn their business into an Express franchise. Owners can take advantage of the industry-leading support that comes with Express franchising to grow their business while maintaining ownership of their existing office. Express has also been ranked as a top low-cost franchise opportunity, thanks to lower-than-average franchise fees, minimal staffing needs and no inventory required.

What are the advantages of Team with Express?

Becoming part of the Express family has many advantages:

  • Express handles your back-end financial paperwork and office administration so you can spend more time building your business. They take care of payroll, workers’ compensation claims, invoicing and more.
  • Express provides ongoing support with benefits like a 1-800 help desk, marketing assistance, and continuing education opportunities for you and your team.
  • Express is a leader in the staffing industry, with almost four decades of experience and many awards and accolades. They’ve been ranked the #1 staffing franchise by Entrepreneur magazine for 13 years in a row.

Team with Express success story: Terry Lukas

Terry Lukas owned an independent staffing agency in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, when she first received a call from an Express representative. Terry was initially reluctant to convert to an Express franchise because she felt she would be giving up her independence as a business owner. When she finally agreed to meet with Express, she realized the potential for growth that partnering with the staffing powerhouse could give her. “There are many reasons that I’m happy I joined Express,” says Terry. “The brand name brings business through your door automatically. The support that I receive from headquarters is endless.” Hear Terry tell her Team with Express story.

What is the process to Team with Express?

There are just a few simple steps to follow when converting your existing staffing business to an Express franchise:

  1. Review the Express Franchise Disclosure Document, which contains information on company financials and performance.
  2. Meet with current Express Franchise Owners to hear about their day-to-day life as owners and gain insight into the business.
  3. Attend a Discovery Day to visit Express headquarters, learn more about the brand and meet the Express leadership team.
  4. Sign your Franchise Agreement and join the Express Family.

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As a new Express staffing Franchise Owner, you can earn back up to 100% of your franchise fee* by successfully completing our Fast Track program. Get $20K back when you earn the Fast Track award by billing 16 clients in one week OR $60K gross margin during your first 26 weeks of business. Do both and you’ll hit Double Fast Track and can earn back the entire $40K franchise fee.

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