What does a staffing franchise do?

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Thinking about franchise ownership? If so, you’ve probably realized that there is a franchise opportunity for just about every field, from the restaurant industry to the service industry and everything in between. One that you may not be as familiar with is the staffing industry. Although not as well-known, a staffing franchise could be one of your best ownership options.

A staffing franchise focuses on matching people with good jobs that match their skill set. They work with both employers and potential employees to find positions that are the right fit for both. They list job openings, refer applicants to potential employers, and assist businesses with recruiting and placing employees. Some staffing franchises also assist with things like payroll and human resources. A staffing franchise is different from a temp agency in that it provides options for people who are looking for more permanent work in addition to filling short-term positions. 

Express Employment Professionals is a staffing franchise that provides a full range of employment solutions, from temporary and part-time employment to full-time positions.

More than just a business

Unlike other franchise opportunities, a staffing franchise gives its owner a chance to make a real difference in the community. In a time of economic downturn, they play a vital role in helping people find good jobs when they need them the most. A staffing franchise also helps businesses operate efficiently and reduces costly employee turnover by finding candidates who are the right fit for open positions.

Express Employment Professionals works to build strong relationships with businesses and helps them by providing a wide range of workforce solutions. By handling recruitment and providing tools to improve efficiency, Express becomes a valuable business partner.

Express Franchise Owners often say that one of the benefits of ownership is the satisfaction that comes from helping others find meaningful work. Franchise Owner Bogdan Damjanovic says, “The best thing Express does is they help find good jobs for good people by working with good companies.”

What is the best staffing franchise?

If you’re interested in exploring a staffing franchise opportunity, there are several things to consider. First, how long has the franchise been in business? In the staffing industry, experience matters. Express Employment Professionals has four decades of experience, which means they have the knowledge needed to get your business off to a good start and support you throughout your ownership journey.

Second, how does the franchise opportunity you’re considering measure up to others in the staffing industry? Express has been ranked the number one staffing franchise by Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 for 12 years running. These ranks are based on factors like the cost of owning the franchise, the strength of the brand, growth and financial stability. Express also wins awards for Franchise Owner satisfaction, top franchises for veterans, best employers and more.

Should I invest in a staffing franchise?

As with any business venture, there are several factors to consider when looking at a franchise investment. You owe it to yourself to compare the cost of all potential opportunities. The good news is that a staffing franchise is often considered to be a low-cost franchise option compared to others, thanks to factors like lower startup costs and no need to keep inventory on hand.

“Staffing is a low-cost franchise that can be very rewarding,” says Express Franchise Owner Reggie Kaji. “The market we’re in right now and the labor shortage we’re experiencing isn’t going away, so even at weird times like the present, there’s still high demand. There’s also so much flexibility that you can still have strong work-life balance.” You can read more about Reggie’s Express ownership journey here.

I’m interested. What’s next?

If you’re ready to get started with Express, now is the perfect time to invest. Express is waiving the franchise fee for certain in-demand markets when you sign your agreement by March 15, 2024. You’ll save $40K on your startup costs, which is money that can go right back into building your business.

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Get $20K back

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As a new Express staffing Franchise Owner, you can earn back up to 100% of your franchise fee* by successfully completing our Fast Track program. Get $20K back when you earn the Fast Track award by billing 16 clients in one week OR $60K gross margin during your first 26 weeks of business. Do both and you’ll hit Double Fast Track and can earn back the entire $40K franchise fee.

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Express offers veterans a 50% discount* on their franchise fee — a savings of $20K.